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Reason no. 437 [23 Jun 2005|07:53am]

[ mood | angry ]

There are several communities on LiveJournal, which you may or may not be a member of, which feature fat chicks posting pictures of their tits and a bunch of losers talking about how beautiful they are. Luckily, mixed in with that crap we see pictures of hot chicks' tits. I'm not complaining about the fat chicks, because tits are tits, and saying only girls who are in shape can post their tits would drive them into a self-ritcheous frenzy that would end in no tits for anyone. This, of course, makes no sense when you remember the axiom: All women hate each other. They actually feel wonderful when they see some other chick called "fat" or "ugly" or "disturbingly hairy". So this is what I'm complaining about: girls jumping to the defense of other girls when in reality they want to thank whoever insulted someone and pushed them one rung farther up the "desireable by assholes who will mentally/physically abuse them when not fucking some other woman".

But that's not what I'm REALLY complaining about. In many of these communities--such as Show your boobs or Big boobs or Show your breats or whatever--some guy in the community (and be sure that even though the founder is a "girl" most of the members are male) thought it would be HEE-LARIOUS to post a picture of HIS boobs. Ah ha ha, men have nipples too. That's fucking hysterical. I won't stop laughing for weeks. Good move, jackass. This leads to fat guys and skinnny emo fuckwads deciding that "Hey, if girls can show their tits, I guess I'll post pictures of my dick!". Am I complaining that sometimes a guy posts pictures of his cock? Absolutely not. Most of the time the guy will put it behind a cut that has a "MALE" label, or some other appropriate warning sign. If people want to be idiots and--well, I'm getting to that part. Let's just say that guys have the right to be dumb as well. No, no. What I'm complaining about in this paragraph-that-should-be-several is that once again, the uppity WOMEN in the community defend the idea that guys should be posting their cocks as well as the girls and their tits. Now, look. I'm not one to get into such petty arguments, but while we're on the subject I'll just say this one and only time: it's called "show your boobs", not "show your genitals". I won't even get into the ape-women that show THEIR genitals. . .jesus christ, people wonder why I'm celebate.

But even THAT is not what I'm complaining about, really. What gets me RAGE ANGER is this. I will copy and paste it since it's a "friends only" entry:

Subject: What every girl should know before posting:
About a month ago I made a post in which I just referred every one to a directory on my server, it had something close to 80 pictures I had taken that afternoon of myself. By the fourth day of it being available, I got a nasty email from my server stating I had gone over my bandwidth.
Here I am a month latter even after changing the directory name, still going ever higher over my bandwidth. So ive locked down my entire site.
I got to wondering how only a few thousand of you could propel my site over its very high maximum bandwidth when I decided to check out my sites statistics.
To find that my directory had been stolen and rapped and re posted on some site by the name of http://fusker.lewww.com/ and a whole slew of other equally raunchy shit around the world.
So to who ever did that, thanks for making a good thing something I could never do again.
Would any one like to donate to my paypal for my huge bill now? I don't know how ill ever pay this stuff off *shakes head* my paypal user ID is I'mAStupidCunt@hotmail.com* incase one of you is generous enough.
Until then im so disgusted by who ever did that.

Someone get me a fucking AXE. I had always assumed that if someone were computer literate enough to join livejournal, make a website that hosts images, hold down some form of employment to pay for said website, and post said images onto said livejournal; one would be smart enough to realize that when you post pictures of your tits on the internet, EVERYONE gets to see them. How many of these idiots don't realize that their tits and vaginas are showing up on countless websites throughout the world? Naieve doesn't begin to describe the level of lunacy being shown here. And then asking for MONEY because you're an idiot? When I become supreme emperor, people like this will have their reproductive organs ripped from their loins in a painful form of "surgery" not seen since the dark ages. On second thought, that is a completely thoutless and inhumane idea. The offenders would be summarily executed for their crime, so as to ensure they not only never get a chance to breed, but furthermore they never get a chance to influence others with their tainted thoughts.

*e-mail changed to add emphasis. =^_^=

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[02 Dec 2003|03:14pm]

Look at this, from the littletits community. Am I the only one who sees hair on this chick's mams?
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HAIKU! [24 Nov 2003|08:17pm]

I love Haiku. I couldn't offend these people. I'll try to gross them out.
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I got someone banned from sextips, HAHAHAHHA! [20 Nov 2003|09:54am]
My troll on sextips was successful. The initial post was to solicit females opinions on oral sex and whether it 'was just a myth that they enjoyed it'. Of course, in asking this question I revealed that I had both a wife *and* a girlfriend, which prompted hundreds of comments and outraged girls to condemn me for being an 'adulterer'. Which was the response I wanted, anyhow.

Which each concurrent comment that I made, my story got even more outrageous and sad. I chronicled in detail how I was the victim of a cold-hearted gold-digging wife who cut off sex the day we got married, refused to say 'I love you', and spent all her free time raking up my credit card bills. Astonishingly, the morally reprehensible behaviour of my imaginery wife didn't matter to these women: I was the bad one for cheating, even if my 'wife' had deceived me for my money and refused to sit down and talk with me about our 'sexual problems'. To these ladies, it was clear: As a man, it had to be my fault! I probably could have said that my 'wife' molested children and it wouldn't have mattered: after all, I had *shudder*, a GIRLFRIEND while I was married so therefore I was the spawn of satan.

Eventually, I hit a nerve with some poor young piece of white trash (butifldisastr) who, along with her two month old baby, was abandoned by a cheating spouse. Her dozen or so comments to me were littered with obscenity, personal attacks, threats, and ALL CAPS TEXT. She could not help but create emotional outbursts because, after all, my troll represented everything she hates about men and her own failures in relationships and failures as a responsible adult.

In the end, the girl was banned for breaking all the community's rules by refusing to be civil and polite. I wasn't banned, of course.

To recap: 168+ comments, a lot of upset girls, and +1 person banned. (butifldisastr) Troll := success.

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LJ mods - mostly emasculated [18 Nov 2003|03:24pm]
The last two times I've posted to sextips my posts have been deleted by the mods for being 'offensive' and I've been asked to re-word my questions. It's god damned frustrating that this community requires that I speak like an estrogen-saturated politically correct public relations officer. How the hell am I supposed to ask direct questions if I'm required to disguise the meaning in flowery language while pretending that everyone is beautiful? Man, I just don't fuckin get it. Here is what I wrote last time:

Was wondering what you guys think about single mothers. There are literally millions of hot chicks out there ready to get played--many of them single mothers. Which begs many questions:

  • When you are having sex with a single mother, are you ever afraid she is going to trap you via pregnancy, or sabotage your/lie about her birth control so that she can get a new dad for her kid(s)?

  • Do you find sex with single mothers less appealing due to the stretch marks/saggy breasts?

  • Do you find that single mothers are generally more willing to do anal because they feel like they need to put out more due to their liability (the kid(s))? Overall, how would you rate single mothers in bed compared to regular girls?

    I've found that it's kind of a compromise: You have all the negative stuff I mentioned above, but then again, the single moms are also usually easier and have less time to constantly call you because they have their kids to take care of (or in the case of the younger ones, neglect).

    So guys, what is it--single moms, yea or nea when it comes to bootycalls?

    As you can all see there is absolutely nothing offensive about this post and it poses valid questions. All the guys on that community seem like pussies to me...you know the kind...they see nasty disgusting trolls post pictures on camwhores or show_your_boobs and invariably respond with "hot! you look sexy!". Constantly sticking up for disgusting pigs and always doing a fine job at emasculating themselves to get in good with the ladies.

    I guess my point is, some guys just have no nuts to speak of.
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    Losing my religion.. [15 Nov 2003|01:25am]
    [ mood | Depressed ]

    I stood rigid on this Autumn day, when the leaves danced on the North wind in their descent to the dying grass, and I cried out. I cried out so hard, and for so long, that it hurt to breathe; a natural process we all take for granted in our lives....

    The aching and emptiness inside of me spread like a rapid cancer, paralyzing and breaking me with every sobbing breath I begged to take in, until I could stand it no longer -- until I was down on my knees, begging for an end.

    It hit me today like a ton of bricks; I am trapped. I am fucking trapped in a world full of people who only "listen" in anticipation for their turn to speak. A world of cold, cold hearted people -- people whose only real concern is for their own selves.

    I.. I feel like I am bleeding to death from a broken heart.. and... there isn't anything anyone can say. Anything that can be said would just be worthless and disrespectful to me. I want to leave this world now, like it has left me. I want to leave it crying on my bathroom floor, watching its life's blood drain out onto the tile. I want it to suffer and beg and fucking plead for an end that might never come.

    You might be sitting there wondering just "What The Fuck" has happened to me, just "What The Fuck" has caused me to come crashing down in such a way, but I honestly doubt you could truly fucking empathize. I honestly doubt you would even care.

    But I'll tell you anyway.

    First, the Gap was completely sold out of the new Stripp ultra-ultra low low rise sunfaded bootcut jeans. Second, someone spilt strawberry milkshake all over the backseat of my brand new HUMMER H2. And, fucking finally, my reservations at the five star elegant and grand Romanesque style restaurant The Whitney were canceled, and I was forced to eat.. at Arby's ...on the long, long drive back home.

    The worst part of all is, I ordered regular fries, and there were at least five curly fries mixed in with them. I couldn't believe it. It's like, nothing in my life can go right. If I wanted curly fries, I would have fucking ordered curly fries. It's like, I realized while I was holding those fries, getting the grease all over my very real, very expensive fur steering wheel cover, that there is no fucking order in this world -- no order in my life.

    I tried to talk about all of this with my best on-line friend when I got home, but all she could say to me was "Get over it. Your problems aren't even real problems." God, she thinks her problems are the only fucking real problems in the world?

    "My cat ran away."
    "My boyfriend dumped me."
    "My father is a heroin addict turned gay."
    "My mother and I are low income and struggling. Neither of us have medical insurance and we are now thousands and thousands of dollars in debt."
    "I have cancer."

    God, she is so fucking selfish. Everybody is. My problems are real problems too. Fuck her. Fuck everything. I hate everything and everyone.

    Go to hell.

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    Once again, I'm forced to ask: [09 Nov 2003|01:51am]

    [ mood | nervous ]

    Who let the skirt in?

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    Hmm . . . [30 Oct 2003|10:14am]

    [ mood | tired ]

    So, in the spirit of getting this community off and running again, I would like to propose that we begin with the ritual of the scavenger hunt. Someone can compile a list of twisted, annoying, disturbing, and/or just plain wrong things for us to look for in people's livejournals. But it'd have to be a tough list. . .whoever gets the most points, wins the prize. The prize will be determined later, but will probably be something equivilant to "pat on the back", which is much better than a slap on the belly with a wet trout.

    Furries are easy.
    me-ow, baby!
    But what about homosexual furry pedophelia? I'm sure it's out there, somewhere. Just gotta get the hands dirty. Who's up for it?

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    Cunt Bouillion [29 Oct 2003|08:41pm]

    Bloody underwear drama:



    Put the pot on to boil - I feel like soup.
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    [29 Oct 2003|03:56pm]

    Hmm. . .creepy. Can you say "Pedophile"?
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    Here ya go, Nelson: [29 Oct 2003|10:00am]

    HE'S BACK!
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    Change of M.O. [28 Oct 2003|07:34pm]

    [ mood | astonished ]

    I'd like to make this community a little bit more like a livejournal Portal of Evil, or at least have it serve that function as well. If you've never been to POE before (and if not, I suggest you go right now), what it is is a site were people scour the internet for the most fucked up websites they can find. Furries, bizarre sexual fetishes, personal homepages of grease-covered sex offenders who like to talk to little girls in chat rooms and other losers, disembowelment hentai, furries... you name it, POE finds it. The more disturbing or pathetic, the better. Then they post their treasures and everybody looks at them, and makes fun of the webmaster, then laughs, and sometimes - cries. Therefore, we should now seek out not only people we hate, but people we can point and laugh at and hate.

    So without further ado, here's a submission from the sextips community:


    Also BE SURE to check out "applepudden's" journal.

    As an added bonus, here's some AIM comedy:Collapse )

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    Fat is healthy! Fat is HAWT! [17 Oct 2003|12:32pm]

    Apparently, there are a bunch of girls who think that fat women are more attractive than average sized hot chicks, and that men don't care if a woman is fat at all.

    Of course, the people who believe this are all themselves, fat.

    Well, fellas, I know and you know what the gig is. You know we want to bone hot porn sluts. You know, those bitches that give us woodies.

    So, watch as I break down the logic and in turn, the fat chicks become very upset. Join in if you want. These people are in total denial.
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    [06 Oct 2003|04:52pm]
    I'm not sure why, but I hate this person:


    Seriously. The only thing she writes about is sex. It's the single-most important center thing in her life. There is nothing more. Just sex and male ejaculate.
    Now, a lot of guys would be like "hey, that would rule!"

    No, it wouldn't.

    After awhile it would begin to feel akin to being stuck inside a station wagon with someone who won't shut their mouth about won't change the subject.

    Anyhow, point being: drrtyslut is basically everything that is wrong with the world. I hope she dies or gets in an accident that renders her vagina and ass impenatrable.
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    [29 Aug 2003|10:29pm]
    acidcookiegirl recently added me as a friend. I'll do her a favor right now and take a big ole shit on her face by proxy of journal words. Reallly, I didn't set out to do this, but it's for the best, lest you get some kind of idea that I'll read your garbage or actually pretend to like you.

    So, lets get to this girl's nugget of ignorance that spawned the monsoon of hate speech welling up inside of me (this from her 'imaginary personal ad')

    "LIFESTYLE: You should have stopped buying illegal drugs in college. Drinking, however, is encouraged and probably necessary."

    Okay Dr. Retarded. Pass me the bourbon (which I love, btw) and let me turn this liver into a brick while trimming years off my life. Hell, it's necessary.

    As for consciousness-expanding and healing herbs and alkaloids, lets just categorize her feelings on that right now: "hey dumbass, you shoulda stopped buying those in college because all us trendy kids did our drugs in college, see, and now that we are out of college our societal model no longer calls for the ingesting of these drugs but rather a stopping, see, and an increase in the amount of alcohol we must all drink. Follow me logic here, I know it feels like tracking down the sole corn nugget to spill forth from the fat vomitous child on the Tilt-A-Whirl, but I'm pretty certain there is some logic in here. Like I said, look for the nugget, you'll find it eventually."

    "ATHLETICS: If you watch sports, you should participate in one or at least workout."

    Oh, I see how it is. No wheelchair types eh. Real nice, lets just rule out all gimps right now, and those who are physically challenged in in any way, even if you just might only be guilty of being a klutz.

    "EMPLOYMENT: You should have a job. Ambition is attractive is it's based on passion, not money."

    HAHAHAH! Hey folks, circular logic time!

    Ambition (the driving pursuit of wealth) isn't attractive to her based on money, it's the PASSION. So, to anyone out there with a passionate interest in feeding poor people or collecting stamps, you best be a good little capitalist and be obsessed with the pursuit of riches, and PASSIONATE about it, otherwise you aren't up to snuff for this high-class lady of a consumer. Your track record of passionately feeding the poor and collecting Hitler heads isn't going to mean much unless it happens to also bring in the bucks. I mean, if it's really the passion that is attractive (as opposed to the money) then ones passion about anything would be attractive. What is unique to being passionately ambitious? Well, uh, money. Duh.

    So, that's about it. Some of the other stuff she said was witty and funny but when it all comes down to it, I have but one message for you:

    Suck a tailpipe, I hate you.
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    [29 Aug 2003|11:50pm]

    I don't know what to be pissed at today, so I'll just say this:

    If the soviets were communists, Stalin wouldn't have had such cool suits. Or, rather, EVERYONE would have been wearing those cool suits, man. Stalin would also be too busy working for a living--like a real man--to murder all those folks he murdered. Eat that, pinko. Your heroes fucked their slaves.
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    WHAT THE FUCK? [18 Aug 2003|07:06pm]

    [ mood | annoyed ]

    I hate Muslims. ALL of them. They're all either A: Crazy motherfuckers who need to die, or B: Annoying college kids who reek of patchouli.

    Here's Islam's latest burning missive!

    (regarding the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE blackout that made life a living HELL for all of a couple hours, and sent many people home to cook on their grills and take a dip in the pool during a pleasant mid-August evening in a mild summer!!! OH, THE AGONY!

    "It showed that America will not live in security until ... the release of all prisoners, including Shaykh Umar Abd ar-Rahman, and the departure of [enemy forces] from the land of the Muslims, including Jerusalem, the Arabian Peninsula, and Kashmir."
    "It brought dread to [Americans'] hearts, just as they do to the Muslims."

    "It struck at the chief stronghold of the American economy (the world stock exchange)."

    "It was a message delivered to the United Nations against Islam, whose headquarters is in New York."

    "It was a message to all investors that America has become an insecure country for their money, for as is known, the American economy is totally dependent on investor confidence."

    Um. . .what? First of all, YOU DIDN'T FUCKING DO IT. We know what happened, and it's being fixed.

    Second, all that shit you went on about is not even slightly true. A lot of people had to walk instead of take the Subway, and nobody got to see Letterman. Oooooh! We're frightened of you, now, Islam! We'd better release Mushtaf Herod Upyur Pohpur, or whatever, before you claim to TURN OFF THE WATER!

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    RAGE ANGER! [09 Aug 2003|02:16pm]

    I was happy when I woke up this morning. Now I'm mad. WHY? BECAUSE OF THIS MOTHERFUCKER RIGHT HERE!

    That's all I got. Anger away, boys.
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    Couldn't help myself. Feel free to use the image for yourself. ^_^ [23 Jun 2003|05:44pm]


    If this doesn't work, I = pissed.
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    HOLY FUCKING SHIT [20 Jun 2003|03:22am]

    [ mood | angry ]

    Just in case you weren't angry at anything. ^_^

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