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Change of M.O.

I'd like to make this community a little bit more like a livejournal Portal of Evil, or at least have it serve that function as well. If you've never been to POE before (and if not, I suggest you go right now), what it is is a site were people scour the internet for the most fucked up websites they can find. Furries, bizarre sexual fetishes, personal homepages of grease-covered sex offenders who like to talk to little girls in chat rooms and other losers, disembowelment hentai, furries... you name it, POE finds it. The more disturbing or pathetic, the better. Then they post their treasures and everybody looks at them, and makes fun of the webmaster, then laughs, and sometimes - cries. Therefore, we should now seek out not only people we hate, but people we can point and laugh at and hate.

So without further ado, here's a submission from the sextips community:


Also BE SURE to check out "applepudden's" journal.

Ph4n70m N1nj4: http://www.livejournal.com/community/sexsupport/30939.html
Ph4n70m N1nj4: the second to last "paragraph" is possibly the icing on the cake
Destr0secret: Oh man.
Destr0secret: This is....
Destr0secret: This is too much.
Ph4n70m N1nj4: yeah...
Destr0secret: Star Trek erotica...
Ph4n70m N1nj4: HAHAHAH
Destr0secret: I don't know whether to laugh or frown at that.
Ph4n70m N1nj4: hahahaha
Ph4n70m N1nj4: man
Ph4n70m N1nj4: it's just... it's just... dear lord.
Destr0secret: I should comment saying something enticing in Spock-speak
Ph4n70m N1nj4: hmm... I don't like sex... "do you think it was maybe because I was raped???????????"
Ph4n70m N1nj4: could it be??????????
Ph4n70m N1nj4: hahahah
Destr0secret: "I would love to take you in my strong, Vulcan arms..."
Ph4n70m N1nj4: "I will do the vulcan neck pinch on you and pound your ass while you're paralyzed"
Destr0secret: hahah
Destr0secret: I think that's fake man...it has to be
Destr0secret: At least I hope
Ph4n70m N1nj4: "then worf and geordie will run the train on you"
Destr0secret: hahah
Ph4n70m N1nj4: god... I don't think it is


Destr0secret: Well, this girls old enough to be in college
Destr0secret: And apparently is married and has kids
Ph4n70m N1nj4: probably.... for REAL?
Destr0secret: And old enough to be the BIGGEST NERD EVER
Destr0secret: Yea!!
Destr0secret: Damnit I have spent so much time being a wife, mother, student, and servent I haven't spent any time for me in over 3 months
Ph4n70m N1nj4: whoa... what the fuck is all this talk about cybersex and she doesn't like having sex and yadda yadda yadda?
Ph4n70m N1nj4: jesus
Destr0secret: I know man
Destr0secret: Crazy shit is afoot
Ph4n70m N1nj4: if that was my mother I would fucking abort MYSELF
Destr0secret: hahah indeed
Destr0secret: She claims she's 34
Destr0secret: Jesus...
Ph4n70m N1nj4: what the fuck...
Destr0secret: And "Separated"
Ph4n70m N1nj4: SHE'S AVAILABLE!!!!!!!
Ph4n70m N1nj4: dude! I'm hitting that shit up!
Destr0secret: hahahah
Destr0secret: She's all the way in Ohio
Ph4n70m N1nj4: we can cybersex! and she can pretend she's conselor troi, and I'm riker
Destr0secret: hahaha
Destr0secret: "I excite you with my ruggish beard..."
Ph4n70m N1nj4: hahahaha
Ph4n70m N1nj4: "I'm going to the holodeck to do some lumberjacking..."
Ph4n70m N1nj4: hahahaha
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