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LJ mods - mostly emasculated

The last two times I've posted to sextips my posts have been deleted by the mods for being 'offensive' and I've been asked to re-word my questions. It's god damned frustrating that this community requires that I speak like an estrogen-saturated politically correct public relations officer. How the hell am I supposed to ask direct questions if I'm required to disguise the meaning in flowery language while pretending that everyone is beautiful? Man, I just don't fuckin get it. Here is what I wrote last time:

Was wondering what you guys think about single mothers. There are literally millions of hot chicks out there ready to get played--many of them single mothers. Which begs many questions:

  • When you are having sex with a single mother, are you ever afraid she is going to trap you via pregnancy, or sabotage your/lie about her birth control so that she can get a new dad for her kid(s)?

  • Do you find sex with single mothers less appealing due to the stretch marks/saggy breasts?

  • Do you find that single mothers are generally more willing to do anal because they feel like they need to put out more due to their liability (the kid(s))? Overall, how would you rate single mothers in bed compared to regular girls?

    I've found that it's kind of a compromise: You have all the negative stuff I mentioned above, but then again, the single moms are also usually easier and have less time to constantly call you because they have their kids to take care of (or in the case of the younger ones, neglect).

    So guys, what is it--single moms, yea or nea when it comes to bootycalls?

    As you can all see there is absolutely nothing offensive about this post and it poses valid questions. All the guys on that community seem like pussies to know the kind...they see nasty disgusting trolls post pictures on camwhores or show_your_boobs and invariably respond with "hot! you look sexy!". Constantly sticking up for disgusting pigs and always doing a fine job at emasculating themselves to get in good with the ladies.

    I guess my point is, some guys just have no nuts to speak of.
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