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Reason no. 437

There are several communities on LiveJournal, which you may or may not be a member of, which feature fat chicks posting pictures of their tits and a bunch of losers talking about how beautiful they are. Luckily, mixed in with that crap we see pictures of hot chicks' tits. I'm not complaining about the fat chicks, because tits are tits, and saying only girls who are in shape can post their tits would drive them into a self-ritcheous frenzy that would end in no tits for anyone. This, of course, makes no sense when you remember the axiom: All women hate each other. They actually feel wonderful when they see some other chick called "fat" or "ugly" or "disturbingly hairy". So this is what I'm complaining about: girls jumping to the defense of other girls when in reality they want to thank whoever insulted someone and pushed them one rung farther up the "desireable by assholes who will mentally/physically abuse them when not fucking some other woman".

But that's not what I'm REALLY complaining about. In many of these communities--such as Show your boobs or Big boobs or Show your breats or whatever--some guy in the community (and be sure that even though the founder is a "girl" most of the members are male) thought it would be HEE-LARIOUS to post a picture of HIS boobs. Ah ha ha, men have nipples too. That's fucking hysterical. I won't stop laughing for weeks. Good move, jackass. This leads to fat guys and skinnny emo fuckwads deciding that "Hey, if girls can show their tits, I guess I'll post pictures of my dick!". Am I complaining that sometimes a guy posts pictures of his cock? Absolutely not. Most of the time the guy will put it behind a cut that has a "MALE" label, or some other appropriate warning sign. If people want to be idiots and--well, I'm getting to that part. Let's just say that guys have the right to be dumb as well. No, no. What I'm complaining about in this paragraph-that-should-be-several is that once again, the uppity WOMEN in the community defend the idea that guys should be posting their cocks as well as the girls and their tits. Now, look. I'm not one to get into such petty arguments, but while we're on the subject I'll just say this one and only time: it's called "show your boobs", not "show your genitals". I won't even get into the ape-women that show THEIR genitals. . .jesus christ, people wonder why I'm celebate.

But even THAT is not what I'm complaining about, really. What gets me RAGE ANGER is this. I will copy and paste it since it's a "friends only" entry:

Subject: What every girl should know before posting:
About a month ago I made a post in which I just referred every one to a directory on my server, it had something close to 80 pictures I had taken that afternoon of myself. By the fourth day of it being available, I got a nasty email from my server stating I had gone over my bandwidth.
Here I am a month latter even after changing the directory name, still going ever higher over my bandwidth. So ive locked down my entire site.
I got to wondering how only a few thousand of you could propel my site over its very high maximum bandwidth when I decided to check out my sites statistics.
To find that my directory had been stolen and rapped and re posted on some site by the name of http://fusker.lewww.com/ and a whole slew of other equally raunchy shit around the world.
So to who ever did that, thanks for making a good thing something I could never do again.
Would any one like to donate to my paypal for my huge bill now? I don't know how ill ever pay this stuff off *shakes head* my paypal user ID is I'mAStupidCunt@hotmail.com* incase one of you is generous enough.
Until then im so disgusted by who ever did that.

Someone get me a fucking AXE. I had always assumed that if someone were computer literate enough to join livejournal, make a website that hosts images, hold down some form of employment to pay for said website, and post said images onto said livejournal; one would be smart enough to realize that when you post pictures of your tits on the internet, EVERYONE gets to see them. How many of these idiots don't realize that their tits and vaginas are showing up on countless websites throughout the world? Naieve doesn't begin to describe the level of lunacy being shown here. And then asking for MONEY because you're an idiot? When I become supreme emperor, people like this will have their reproductive organs ripped from their loins in a painful form of "surgery" not seen since the dark ages. On second thought, that is a completely thoutless and inhumane idea. The offenders would be summarily executed for their crime, so as to ensure they not only never get a chance to breed, but furthermore they never get a chance to influence others with their tainted thoughts.

*e-mail changed to add emphasis. =^_^=
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