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I hate Muslims. ALL of them. They're all either A: Crazy motherfuckers who need to die, or B: Annoying college kids who reek of patchouli.

Here's Islam's latest burning missive!

(regarding the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE blackout that made life a living HELL for all of a couple hours, and sent many people home to cook on their grills and take a dip in the pool during a pleasant mid-August evening in a mild summer!!! OH, THE AGONY!

"It showed that America will not live in security until ... the release of all prisoners, including Shaykh Umar Abd ar-Rahman, and the departure of [enemy forces] from the land of the Muslims, including Jerusalem, the Arabian Peninsula, and Kashmir."
"It brought dread to [Americans'] hearts, just as they do to the Muslims."

"It struck at the chief stronghold of the American economy (the world stock exchange)."

"It was a message delivered to the United Nations against Islam, whose headquarters is in New York."

"It was a message to all investors that America has become an insecure country for their money, for as is known, the American economy is totally dependent on investor confidence."

Um. . .what? First of all, YOU DIDN'T FUCKING DO IT. We know what happened, and it's being fixed.

Second, all that shit you went on about is not even slightly true. A lot of people had to walk instead of take the Subway, and nobody got to see Letterman. Oooooh! We're frightened of you, now, Islam! We'd better release Mushtaf Herod Upyur Pohpur, or whatever, before you claim to TURN OFF THE WATER!
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